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Our plumbing service is focused on longevity, 
in regards to the quality of work that we perform, the quality of products that we use, and the relationships we continue to build with our customers.

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If my dad were a plumber, I would only have him work on my house. He's handy, but he isn't a plumber. Enter Ben. I trust Ben working on my house like I trust my dad working on my house. I found him through a lucky referral when I had called 3 other highly reviewed plumbers who weren't available. Our water heater was out, we had no heat, it was winter and I have two small kids. Ben got here, got parts, and got us heat and a warm shower. Fast forward two years and we were having a different issue. Ben came by to check it out and he decided he wasn't convinced we needed an expensive repair and suggested we wait- just like my dad would have suggested if he were a plumber. Ben is honest and just a really nice guy, I'm so glad we found him.
Shay B.
Seattle, WA
The plumbing at our rental house backed up and caused a flood. We hired a local roto-rooter company to come out and clear the line - lots of money but at least they were fast. Two weeks later, our tenants called - basement flooded again and they weren't happy. It was a Saturday and I was out of town. Based on these reviews, I called Ben's Plumbing. Ben called me back within 15 mins. He explained that the costs on the weekend were much higher - but he could stop by the house and see if he could make a temporary fix to hold until Monday. And he did! Then Monday his plumber snaked our line, put a camera down, and found the original roto-rooter guys only cleared the line to a point - creating a jam just beyond that point. From start to finish, Ben kept me informed, the costs were very reasonable, and the work was professional. Plus, he's a really nice guy. Ben's the guy to call!
Bridget D.
Seattle, WA
We can not say enough good things about Ben's Plumbing! We recently bought a house that needed some serious plumbing work. It ended up being a pretty serious job that required excavation in the street. Ben recommended an amazing excavating company that actually ended up determining the work was actually the responsibility of the city saving us thousands of dollars! Ben continued to check in on us every step of the way even after we were in the capable hands of the excavation company. We may have more plumbing work in the future and we will definitely be using Ben!
Clara P.
Seattle, WA

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